Amazon Product Review: LARMA Cowhide Leather Laptop Bag

I was looking for a laptop bag, but trying to stay on a budget.

I tend to rip apart backpacks pretty easily and wanted a messenger bag. The last one I bought had a mesh material that easily soaked up materials and just was not that nice. I would find myself constantly needing to clean the fabric. Searching around on Amazon I found this laptop bag from LARMA for $29.99 and decided to order it.

The bag will fit laptops up to 14″ and has pockets and zippers to hold additional items inside.

The cowhide leather seems to keep it from picking up the dirt and lint around it. The handles are nice and it also comes with a strap for those lugging items around. It looks professional, but comes at an affordable price.

The bag also comes in black for those looking for another color.

I am happy with my purchase and would recommend this bag to people looking for an affordable bag fro their laptops.

You can buy it online here:


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